ENCORe Seminar on Internal Funding (Progress100 and QR program) & Interdisciplinary Networking【February 21 (Fri.), 2020】


Seminar on Internal Funding (Progress100 and QR program) &
 Interdisciplinary Networking 
【Purpose of Seminar】
The Progress 100 and QR program (Qdai-jump Research Program) are internal funding programs aimed at researcher’s further improvement of research capabilities at our university based on Kyushu University’s research strategy. This seminar will explain the contents of Progress 100 and QR program. Also, for a more efficient use of internal funding (e.g. Tsubasa), an interdisciplinary networking session will be held to provide a place for researchers to interact.
※The Networking Platform for Co-creating Research (ENCORe) is an interactive platform for foreigners for exchanging research ideas and information at a regular basis.
【Date & Time】 February 21 (Fri.), 2020 16:00~18:30 
【Venue】 Kyushu University, Ito Campus, Research Facilities for Co-Evolutional Social Systems, Seminar Room 3rd floor
【Target】 Kyushu University Faculty (Particularly, Young Scientists, Female Researchers 
and Foreign Researchers).
【Language】 English
【Registration】 Free of Charge
(Moderator:Harold Kusters)
16:00-16:05 Purpose of this seminar
Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office (AiRIMaQ) 
Grant Support Group
Dr. Harold Kusters
16:05-16:30 Self-Introduction by participants (about 2 min. for each participant)
16:30-17:00 Testimonial on Accepted Project of Progress 100 and QR Program “Tsubasa”
Assoc. Prof. Steven Van Uytsel, Graduate School of law
Assoc. Prof. Danilo Vargas, Faculty of Engineering and Electrical Engineering.
17:00-17:20 Lecture on Kyushu University Internal Funding program (1. Progress 100 & 
2. QR Program (Q-dai Jump Research Program) and Q&A
Dr. Harold Kusters (Lecture)
Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office (AiRIMaQ) 
Grant Support Group
Mr. Yuta Matsuo (Q&A)
Research Planning Division, Research Support Section
17:20-17:30 Explanation about ENCORe
17:30-18:30 Networking Session
(Networking with other researchers while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea)
18:30 Time-up!
1) All participants will be asked to give a small introduction, including your name, affiliation, specialty, research, issues and expectation from this seminar.
2) In order to facilitate interaction between researchers, a pamphlet will be prepared and distributed at the venue. You will be contacted after registration to provide one page on your research (e.g. poster or presentation). This is on a voluntary basis.
【Contact Information】
Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office (AiRIMaQ) 
Grant Support Group
e-mail: TEL:092-802-2126
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