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Technical Consultation

The Consultation & Office Operation Group provides technical consultations, and coordinates the work of industry-university collaborations (e.g. paid technical consultation, joint or sponsored research, intermediation business and, referral to other organizations) mainly for small- and medium-sized businesses in the Kyushu area.

About applicable items

Applicable items

・Items that may be addressed using academic knowledge
・Items that may develop into joint or sponsored research or lead to the acceptance of sponsored research
・Other items that may lead to the promotion of local industries

Applicable fields

Agriculture, forestry & fisheries, food, biotechnology, materials & energy, machinery, control & transportation, high-performance & other materials, civil engineering & construction, life & environment, medicine-related, electronics, information, techniques for separation, analysis & measurement, management, design and others

Acceptance scheme

  1. Acceptance of application form
  2. Preliminary hearing (For free)
    The coordinator holds a preliminary hearing to analyze the contents of consultation and select faculty members.
  3. A tripartite meeting is held and attended by members from the company requiring consultation, participating faculty members and the coordinator.
    The fee of 10,000 yen per hour for this technical consultation will be required.

Conditions and methods of acceptance

・In principle, those eligible for consultation must be legal entities. ・Please complete the Application Form for technical consultation in PDF or WORD format and submit by email or fax. Technical Consultation Application Form

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