Research Development Meetings by Young Scientists, QR Program

 This project intended to provide young researchers, usually have few chances to know each another, with the opportunities to feel free to exchange their views and opinions with one another.
 By this opportunity young researchers will get new findings, approaches, advanced ideas and the suggestions/hints for research development, and connect it with their research progression and realization of visions in the future.
 Please see the information below about future envets and meetings held in the past.

【Meetings scheduled in near future】

 ■[Cancel] Crossing Boarders between Architecture and Art: 
  New Approaches to Tomb Paintings and Dunhuang Murals
 *This event has been put off and the date rescheduled has not been decided. 
  (updated on March 2)

  *Date and Venue has been changed (updated on February 12)
 【Date&Time】13:00~17:00, March 6 (Fri) March 26 (Thu), 2020

 【Venue(TBD)】3rd floor, Research Facilities for Co-Evolutional Social Systems,
                           Ito Campus, Kyushu University
                           Ito Guest House, Ito Campus, Kyushu University

 【Organaizer】Kyushu University Faculty of Humanities
 【Co-Organaizer】Kyushu University Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies:
                             Cultural Variation Cluster 
1. CHEN Liang (Ph.D. in Art History, Heidelberg University)

                            Assistant Professor, University of Vienna 
                            Chinese Art History
                            Title: Representations of Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove”
                                     in Brick Murals and Screens in the Southern Dynasties.
                        2. TANG Cong (Ph.D. in Architectural History, University of Tokyo)
                            Lecturer, Chongqing University
                            East Asian Architectural History 
                            Title: Re-examining kaerumata: the Bracket Designs Depicted
                                     in Dunhuang Murals 

 【Discussants/Commentators】1.Professor Miyamoto Kazuo (Kyushu University)

                                                 2. Professor Nancy Steinhart (University of Pennsylvania)

 【Program (TBD)】
13:00〜13:15 Opening Marks

  13:15〜14:15 Presentation I  CHEN Liang (in English, with Japanese Interpreter) 
  14:15〜14:45 Commentary & Discussion
  14:45〜15:00 Coffee Break
  15:00~16:00 Presentation II TANG Cong (in Japanese, with English Interpreter) 
  16:00〜16:30 Commentary & Discussion
  16:40〜17:40 Open-floor Discussion Q&A
  17:40〜18:00 Concluding Marks

YANG YU, Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University
  Email: gloriayangyu★
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 Kyushu Bioinformatics Community (KBC) 
13:30~18:00, February 19 (Wed), 2020
 【Venue】Room105, 1st floor, Kyushu University Biomedical Research Station,
      Hospital Campus Kyushu University

 【Registration】Please register for your participation from here
 【Website】Please see here for the program and more details

  Kyushu Bioinformatics Community Staff Members
  Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University
  Dr Chie Kikutake, Dr Naoto★
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Meetings held in the past
 3rd Kyudai-Ateneo Philosophy and Education (KAPE) Colloquium

 【Date】November 15-18, 2019
 【Venue】3105/3106, Center Building 3, Ito Campus, Kyushu University
 【Purpose of Meeting】
  This colloquium aims to stimulate the internationalization of Kyushu University,

      Ateneo de Manila University, and our connected institutions. This is particularly
      in the areas of research and pedagogy in the fields of philosophy and education.
      This will be done through research exchange.

 【Number of Participants】18(8 Speaker, KU Faculty Members, Graduate Students、
                                                ISI Students, etc.)

 【Program】Please see here for more details

 Workshop on Theoretical Immunology
 【Date】January 10-11, 2020
 【Venue】Fuyou Club, Beppu-shi, Oita
 【Number of Participants】27
 【Program】Please see here for more details

【For more information】Application Guidelines(PDF
                                        ※Call for proposals of FY2019 has been closed.