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Kyushu University Joint Research Department System


The costs incurred in the research activities and operation of the Joint Research Departments (established for a period of 2 to 5 years (renewable)) are to be covered by the joint research fees from the private organization or other institution. The Joint Research Departments are to be provided with the faculty member (additional faculty member hired to pursue the research), and may also as necessary be provided with assistant staff and research staff of the private organization or other institution (who are dispatched to KU while remaining employed by the private organization or other institution), academic researchers, and other staff.

Outline of the System

Composition of departments
As a rule, each department will be provided with a faculty composed of one or more professors or assistant professors (fixed-term Faculty; Joint Research Department Faculty). (The faculty may alternatively be composed of one or more lecturers or assistant lecturers where it is deemed that this will be of no particular hindrance to the operation of a joint research department.) Researcher while remaining employed by a private organization or other institution, academic researchers, and other staff may be provided as necessary.
Establishment period
Since these departments are to be established as organizational units, their duration will be a period of two to five years, rather than a single year. Such period may be renewed as well.
Research costs, etc.
The costs incurred in conducting their research activities, facility use fees, personnel funding for the Joint Research Department Faculty, and management funding for the support of advancement of the research will be met from the necessary research funding.
Treatment of research results, etc.
Matters concerning publication of results obtained from the joint research will be according to the provisions in the agreement with the private organization or other institution.
Before results are published, consultations will be held with the private organization or other institution and KU, and depending on the case, a patent application may be filed in advance of publication.
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