Policy and Rules List

Policy and Rules List

In carrying out I-A-G Collaborations, in some instances, problems in “handling and utilization of intellectual property” and “conflict of interest” will arise. Please read through our intellectual property policies and conflict-of-interest policies at the links below, to understand our basic approaches. However, responses in individual situations may differ from these basic approaches, so please inquire with AiRIMaQ concerning particular cases.

Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual Property Policy
  • Intellectual Property Handling Rules (Japanese Only)


  • Research Licensing Policy (Japanese Only)
  • Licensing Policy for Research Tool Patents (Japanese Only)

Sponsored Research

  • Kyushu University Sponsored Research Policy (Japanese Only)
  • Kyushu University Administrative Instruction of Sponsored Research Policy (Japanese Only)

Joint Research

  • On "research collaborator" in collaborative research (Japanese Only)
  • “On acceptance and contract process for companies etc., using the ‘experimental and research expense tax credit system (METI)’(procedure flow).” Experimental and research expense tax credit system (METI) (Japanese Only) 【access restricted to campus】
  • Kyushu University Joint Research Policy (Japanese Only)
  • Kyushu University Administrative Instruction of Joint Research Policy (Japanese Only)

Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • On handling of Non-Disclosure Agreement with regard to Industry-Academia-Government collaboration related to research activities (Notification) (Japanese Only) 【access restricted to campus】

International Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration

  • International Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Policy(Japanese Only)
  • Guideline for the Acceptance of Research Funding from International Industry-Acamemia-Government Collaborative Research and Foreign Organizations 【access restricted to campus】
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