Message of Director General

In April 2015, the Office for Strategic Research Planning and the Industry-Academia-Government ("I-A-G") Collaboration Management Center were integrated into a single new organization: Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University (AiRIMaQ).

With the introduction of the University Research Administrator (URA) system in the autumn of 2012, we have systematically assigned URAs throughout KU. The roles of the URAs include providing information helpful to academic research and I-A-G collaboration, facilitating the submission of proposals for the acquisition of external funds, and strengthening support systems for other activities concerning such issues as intellectual property. The recent integration aims to develop an even more efficient and smoother support mechanism for academic research and I-A-G collaboration. Specifically, we seek to help promote both mission-driven and curiosity-driven basic and applied research activities at KU, facilitate open innovation that will be strongly sought in the years ahead, and assist in the development of an infrastructure that enables researchers to work out solutions through interdisciplinary cooperation.

As its policies as a national university, KU seeks to achieve "world-leading research," "reliable social collaboration," and "impressive international collaboration." To that end, we will conduct creative and pioneering research and provide support for transforming our research results into innovations. Also, we will comprehensively and strategically carry out the creation, acquisition, management and effective use of intellectual properties, so as to promote I-A-G collaboration activities as links between KU and society. We would appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Director General,
Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University
Executive Vice-President

Contact Information

  • Providing consultation services to those inside and outside KU
  • Public relations planning and promotional events

Consultation & Office Operation Group

Tel:+81-92-832-2127 Fax:+81-92-832-2147

  • Collecting and analyzing policy information etc.
  • Research strategic planning, etc.

Research Strategy Group

Tel:+81-92-802-2163 Fax:+81-92-802-2164

  • Supporting funds acquisition, promotion of interdisciplinary research, etc.
  • Supporting planning, coordination, application and implementation of research projects

Research Development Group

Tel:+81-92-802-2162 Fax:+81-92-802-2164

  • Promoting domestic and international I-A-G collaboration
  • Promoting comprehensive collaboration research and joint research department, etc.

Research Alliance Group

Tel:+81-92-832-2134 Fax:+81-92-832-2148

  • Discovering intellectual properties and patent application
  • Marketing and licensing intellectual properties

Intellectual Property Management Group

Tel:+81-92-832-2128 Fax:+81-92-832-2147

  • Supporting creation of great KU startups
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial talents in KU

Startup Support Group

Tel:+81-92-832-2168 Fax:+81-92-832-2147

    • Supporting subsidies's applications etc., for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research projects and general affairs concerning academic research

    Scientific Research Promotion Group


    Tel:+81-92-802-2320 Fax:+81-92-802-2390

    • Supporting general affairs concerning I-A-G collaboration

    Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Planning Section


    Tel:+81-92-832-2122 Fax:+81-92-832-2146

    • Supporting joint research & sponsored research

    Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Funded Research, Contract Section


    Tel:+81-92-832-2140 Fax:+81-92-832-2148

    • Supporting gGeneral affairs concerning About university-community relations projects and activities

    Community Collaboration Promotion Office, Project Promotion Section


    Tel:+81-92-832-2123 Fax:+81-92-832-2146