九大人社系コロキアムは本学の Edward Vickers教授(人間環境学研究院)により,幅広い分野の研究者や学生の交流・ディスカッションを目的として企画されたものです.第1回となる今回は Andrew Chapman助教(I2CNER: カーボンニュートラル・エネルギー国際研究所)による研究報告と参加者の皆様を交えてのディスカッションを予定しています.所属・分野を問わず,多くの先生方や学生さんのご参加をお待ちしております.
会場:教育学部 会議室(法・文・経・教育学部本館1階,キャンパスマップ②)
事前登録: (当日参加も可能です)
"Kyudai Inter-disciplinary Colloquium No. 1"
This talk launches Kyushu University's new series of inter-disciplinary colloquia. The aim of these events is to promote exchange amongst faculty and students from across the university (especially in the humanities and social sciences). All are welcome! 
Venue: the meeting room in Faculty of Education (building ② in Campus Map:
Date/time: Friday, April 28, 17:00-19:00
Presenter: Dr. Andrew Chapman, I2CNER, Kyushu University
To participate, please register here::
Inquiries: Yonemitsu (90-7140,
To date, evaluation of energy policies, and recommendations for future energy strategy have been almost exclusively based on economic and environmental efficacy analyses. This approach to evaluation ignores the critical third pillar of sustainability, the social aspects. The reason that social aspects have been overlooked is likely because their definition and quantification have proven difficult, leading to a mostly qualitative approach in terms of amenity, and other subjective aspects. This research addresses this gap and proposes an ‘Energy Policy Sustainability Evaluation Framework’ which, through jurisdiction-specific hearings, identifies critical social equity factors which can be quantified, and therefore combined (and contrasted with) economic and environmental outcomes in order to provide a decision-making tool for sustainable energy policies into the future. The framework has been applied to national level policy assessment and scenario development, coal-RE energy system shift decision making, and is currently being applied to an international equity and RE deployment comparison using World Bank Development Indicators to assess nations on a level playing field. This presentation will describe the reasoning behind the development of this tool, equity factor establishment, potential applications, and some of the interesting results gained to date. 



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