The 3rd Interdisciplinary Networking Meeting ~ Information Session on QR Program ~【February 15 (Thu), 2018】


1. For faculty who are interested in interdisciplinary research.
☞ Forming research framework and realization of ideas in interdisciplinary research.
☞ Networking place for future collaborations
☞ Place for research idea creation, exchange of ideas and on-campus exchange 
2. Acquisition of research funds with support from URA
☞ Providing information on QR Program and other research funding.
☞ Introduction of URA support menu, on-spot individual consultation.
【Date & Time】  February 15 (Thu), 2018 16:00~18:30  
【Venue】  Kyushu University, Ito Campus
Center for Co-Evolutional Social Systems, Seminar Room 3rd floor
【Target】  Kyushu University Faculty 
☞  Young Scientists, Female Researchers and Foreign Researchers
☞   Particularly Humanities and Social Sciences
【Language】  English
【Registration】  Click here
【Program】  PDF
【Contact Information】
Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office (AiRIMaQ) 
Grant Support Group (Kusters, Yonemitsu)
TEL:092-802-2162 (ext. 2162)

Contact Information

  • Providing consultation services to those inside and outside KU
  • Public relations planning and promotional events

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  • Collecting and analyzing policy information etc.
  • Research strategic planning, etc.

Research Strategy Group

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  • Supporting funds acquisition, promotion of interdisciplinary research, etc.
  • Supporting planning, coordination, application and implementation of research projects

Research Development Group

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  • Promoting domestic and international I-A-G collaboration
  • Promoting comprehensive collaboration research and joint research department, etc.

Research Alliance Group

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  • Discovering intellectual properties and patent application
  • Marketing and licensing intellectual properties

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  • Supporting creation of great KU startups
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial talents in KU

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    • General affairs concerning academic research

    Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Research Planning Division, Research General Affairs Section


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    • Supporting general affairs concerning I-A-G collaboration

    Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Planning Section


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    • Supporting subsidies's application etc., for Scientific Research grants

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    • Supporting joint research & sponsored research

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