[Call for proposals] Fiscal year 2021 RIKEN-Kyushu Univ Science and Technology Hub Collaborative Research Program


■Program background
 RIKEN and Kyushu University (hereinafter referred to as “Kyudai”) promote collaboration and cooperation by utilizing the research/development capabilities and human resources of both organizations with the aim of contributing to the advancement of academic and scientific technologies, and human resource development. In order to realize this, the RIKEN-Kyushu University Science and Technology Hub has been established at the Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University (AiRIMaQ), and a system and organization has been established to support strategic cooperation. Based on matching funding from both RIKEN and Kyudai, we decided to set up a support program to form a research and development network at RIKEN and Kyudai.

■Program purpose
 This program aims to support collaboration between different research fields across RIKEN and Kyudai. Through this program, researchers belonging to RIKEN and Kyudai will bring their respective knowledge and technologies to work together to find solutions to problems.
It is expected that successful collaborations across fields that were difficult for one organization alone to tackle will be realized. Furthermore, it is hoped that collaborations through this program will lead to the creation of new research areas and the training of leadersinvolved in the new research areas in next era.
■Program details
【Research content to be recruited】 
 This program covers all research fields, regardless of the basis or application.
【Application Qualification and System】
  A joint research group, one of whose co-leaders is a researcher from RIKEN and
 another is a researcher of Kyudai. Both co-leaders must be younger than 45 years
 old as of April1, 2021.
  *1 Co-leader of RIKEN must be employed with the Management Expenses Grants and
    equivalent budgets,and co-leader of Kyudai must be a faculty member (including
    Special Fixed-term Faculty). At the timeof application, both co-leaders of RIKEN and
    Kyudai have no plans to move out during the researchperiod.
  *2 If co-leader of RIKEN is not research PI, a consent form by the research PI of
     his/her laboratory/team/unit is required.
  *3 Research plans, which were adopted in the program in both of 2019 and 2020, and
     the plans to inherit them shall not be permitted to reapply

  *4 Co-leader cannot apply for other research plan(s) as co-leader at the same time but
     can participate in other projects as a research collaborator.
【Implementation system】
 Collaborative research groups may have research collaborators in addition to co-leaders.
  *In addition to researcher(s) of RIKEN and Kyudai, visiting researcher(s) from other
   universities and companies, graduate students can participate in the collaborative
   research as research collaborators.
【Support period】
  Single fiscal year.
  * It is possible to apply again for the call of the next fiscal year as needed (support will
   not extend to a third fiscal year).
【Request amount】
  A total amount of 20 million JPY, which are equally contributed by RIKEN and Kyudai,
 will be allocated to the adopted research plans. The maximum applicable amount for a
 research plan is 3 million yen for both institutions, and that for each institution is 2 million
 yen. It is not possible to carry funds over to the next fiscal year.
【Number of research plans to be adopted】
  About 10 research plans. However, the number of adoptions shall change depending
 on the amount allocated to each plan.
■Application procedure
 Each co-leader must submit application documents via e-mail by the application
deadline shown below through the promotion office of the RIKEN Research Center
or Administrative Office of Faculty in Kyudai, to which the co-leader belongs.
 【Application deadline】
  E-mail must arrive by 17:00 on Wednesday, January 18, 2021 (Monday)
 【Application documents】
  Electronic files for the following documents.
    1. Research Plan [as PDF file]
     *Write concisely. Also, do not change the font size.
      Note that the description frame can be appropriately expanded within a
      range not exceeding five pages. 
    2. Conceptual diagram [as PDF file, style free, A4 size, within 2 pages]
     *An illustrative drawing summarizing research plans and research contents
    3. Consent form regarding application [as PDF file, Signed or stamped]
     *Only if the co-leader from RIKEN is not a principle investigator.
 *For more details, please kindly find the documents below.
  1) Application Guidelines AppendixPDF
  2) Screening Guidelines(PDF) 
  3) Research Plan(Word

 The examination will be conducted in two stages: document examination by document reviewers and a selection of research plans to be adopted by the Screening Committee. Document examination will be conducted based on rating factor and scoring factor described
in the "Screening Guidelines". The document reviewers and screening committee members
will be selected from both of RIKEN and Kyudai.
※ Since, in some cases, committee members specialize in different research fields to the research plans they are examining, co-leaders must take care to prepare application documents with terms and descriptions that can be easily understood.
■Submission and inquiries
 Kyudai-RIKEN Science and Technology Hub Support Office

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