2019 Kakenhi Seminar in English【August 27 (Thu), 2019】


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The university hereby announces the following seminar on the JSPS Grants-in-Aid of Scientific Research (Kakenhi, call for proposal in September, 2019). Please refer to the attached file for details on the seminar.
The Kakenhi system is the largest funding structure of Japan. The acquisition of Kakenhi is used as an important index to evaluate the research strength of individual researchers. The Kakenhi is open to applications in Japanese and English.
This seminar will give an explanation on the Kakenhi system as well as guidance on how to write a Kakenhi proposal, including examples of accepted proposals. The URA Support Program, which includes advice and proposal review support will also be explained.
Date & Time: August 27 (Tue), 2019  13:30~16:00
Venue: Ito Guest House, multipurpose Hall 1st floor. Ito Campus, Kyushu University (no. 74 on campus map)
13:00        On-Site Registration
13:30~13:40  Introduction 
13:40~14:40  “On the Kakenhi System and how to write a Kakenhi proposal”
       Dr. Harold Kusters, AiRIMaQ, Grant Support Group
14:40~15:00   “This is how I wrote my accepted proposal”
       Dr. George Harrington, Center of Coevolutionary Research for Sustainable 
Communities (Wakate awardee).
15:00~15:20     “It is not only about the proposal…”
                Dr. Kaveh Edalati, I2CNER (Kiban B awardee)
15:20~15:30    Support Program for Applying to Kakenhi  
15:30~16:00     Q&A
Language: English
※The “Handbook for Application and Acquirement of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi)” will be distributed at this seminar.
 Contact Information
  ★ Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of
   Kyushu University, Grant Support Group (Dr. Harold Kusters)
  ★ 092-802-2116

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