University-Initiated Venture Business Seed Development Program (Kyushu University Gapfund Program)

Kyushu University(KU) Gapfund Program is an on-campus grant for researchers who are intereseted in  starting up a venture business.
This program has started since 2017 for promoting and creating of university-initiated ventures based on academic research.

Number of projects to be accepted:up to 10
Amount of grant:up to 2 million JPY
Grant period:7 months (from April 1st to October 31st)

Applicant must be a researcher who has an employment relationship with KU 
and who is motivated to start a business based on the applicant's own research results.
※Application by group is allowed as long as it includes the applicant as principal investigator.
※There is no restriction on qualification of collaborators.
 (including students and external researchers)

Kyushu University (KU) provides a grant to projects that have a high potential of realizing academic research into industrial application.
In this program, the applicant develops a prototype, receives evaluation from external experts who act as  prospective customers and verifies the possibility of commercialization.
During the grant period, the secretariat will handle consultations in relation to the implementation of this program. For example, the secretariat will provide the following services:
give advice on the development of the prototype, introduce customers who provide the evaluation and conduct matching with external organizations such as private companies.
After the grant period, based on the evaluation results, the applicant will receive evaluation and advice from external reviewers such as venture capitalists and board members.
KU will provide organizational support for the applicant after completion of this program.

■Please refer to materials below (access restricted to faculty)
(1)Information on the program(Flyer) 
   2017(1st) 2018(2nd) 2019(3rd) 2020(4th)
(3)Application document<WORDPDF

Please contact us by e-mail; or phone if there are any questions.

Contact Information:

AiRIMaQ(Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office)

Intellectual Property Management and Startup Support Group



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Research Alliance Group

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  • Public relations planning and promotional events

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  • Promoting domestic and international I-A-G collaboration
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Intellectual Property and Startup Support Management Group

  • Discovering intellectual properties and patent application
  • Marketing and licensing intellectual properties

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  • Supporting creation of great KU startups
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial talents in KU

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Research Planning and Research Support Group

  • Collection and analysis of policy information
  • Analysis of current status of university / benchmarking
  • Support for research strategy formulation
  • Support for acquiring research funding and development of academic research
  • Support for planning, coordinating, applying and implementing research projects

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