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Contact Information

Research Alliance Group

  • Providing consultation services to those inside and outside KU
  • Public relations planning and promotional events

     Tel:092-802-5127 Fax:092-802-5060

  • Promoting domestic and international I-A-G collaboration
  • Promoting comprehensive collaboration research and joint research department, etc.

 Tel:092-802-5135 Fax:092-802-5060

Intellectual Property and Startup Support Management Group

  • Discovering intellectual properties and patent application
  • Marketing and licensing intellectual properties

     Tel:092-802-5137 Fax:092-802-5145

  • Supporting creation of great KU startups
  • Cultivating entrepreneurial talents in KU

 Tel:092-802-5143 Fax:092-802-5145

Research Planning and Research Support Group

  • Collection and analysis of policy information
  • Analysis of current status of university / benchmarking
  • Support for research strategy formulation
  • Support for acquiring research funding and development of academic research
  • Support for planning, coordinating, applying and implementing research projects

 Tel:092-802-2162 Fax:092-802-2164

    • Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Research Planning Division, Research General Affairs Section

    • General affairs concerning academic research


     Tel:+81-92-802-2320 Fax:+81-92-802-2391

    • Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Planning Section

    • Supporting general affairs concerning I-A-G collaboration


     Tel:+81-92-802-5064 Fax:+81-92-802-5059

    • Research and Industrial Collaboration Promotion Department, Grant Support Office, Grant Support Section

    • Supporting subsidies's application etc., for Scientific Research grants


     Tel:+81-92-802-2327 Fax:+81-92-802-2390

    • Industry Collaboration Planning Office, Funded Research, Contract Section

    • Supporting joint research & sponsored research


     Tel:+81-92-802-5067 Fax:+81-92-802-5059