Kyushu University Joint Research Department System

The purpose of this system is, with regard to Comprehensive Collaborative Research Projects (Projects whereby at the request of a private organization or other institution, Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University is pursued systematically over a medium- to long-term period; click here for more details), to establish a hub (Joint Research Department) that is concerned with joint research between KU and a private organization or other institution and facilitate joint research between the two in a specific field over a specific continuous period of time, so as to bring about research of sophisticated levels and diversity that will contribute to the development of society.

The costs incurred in the research activities and operation of the Joint Research Departments (established for a period of 2 to 5 years (renewable)) are to be covered by the joint research fees from the private organization or other institution. The Joint Research Departments are to be provided with the faculty member (additional faculty member hired to pursue the research), and may also as necessary be provided with assistant staff and research staff of the private organization or other institution (who are dispatched to KU while remaining employed by the private organization or other institution), academic researchers, and other staff.

The Donation Research Department system, whereby KU conducts research activities autonomously using money donated by a private organization or other institution, this is a system whereby KU and a private organization or other institution will conduct research activities in close collaboration and cooperation using joint research fees from the private organization or other institution. Also, whereas under the Joint Research System, KU faculty carry out joint research with the private organization or other institution while pursuing their own regular teaching and research duties, the Joint Research Department System is one whereby "Joint Research Department Faculty" will be hired/deployed to devote themselves exclusively to the joint research in question at a Joint Research Department that has been newly established for that purpose, and such Faculty will form the core of research that is conducted continuously over a specific period. Accordingly, AiRIMaQ will carry out support for advancement of the research via research management as part of its support activities pertaining to Comprehensive Collaborative Research Projects.
Thus, this system constitutes a new mechanism for collaboration between the university and private organizations, etc., which promises beneficial effects differing from those of both the Donation Research Department System and the Joint Research Department System.

System Donation Research Department Joint Research Joint Research Department
Organizational unit Yes No Yes
Main activities Research (education) Research Research
Full-time faculty Yes No Yes
Costs Donations Joint research fees Joint research fees
Results returned to funders? No Yes Yes

Outline of the System
Department titles Department titles Joint Research Departments will be assigned titles suited to the contents of the joint research carried out at the research departments. Where a private organization or other institution so requests, a title that makes clear the name of the organization or other institution can be assigned.
Composition of departments As a rule, each department will be provided with a faculty composed of one or more professors or assistant professors (fixed-term Faculty; Joint Research Department Faculty). (The faculty may alternatively be composed of one or more lecturers or assistant lecturers where it is deemed that this will be of no particular hindrance to the operation of a joint research department.) Researcher while remaining employed by a private organization or other institution, academic researchers, and other staff may be provided as necessary.
Establishment period Since these departments are to be established as organizational units, their duration will be a period of two to five years, rather than a single year. Such period may be renewed as well.
Research costs, etc. The costs incurred in conducting their research activities, facility use fees, personnel funding for the Joint Research Department Faculty, and management funding for the support of advancement of the research will be met from the necessary research funding.
Treatment of research results, etc. Matters concerning publication of results obtained from the joint research will be according to the provisions in the agreement with the private organization or other institution.
Before results are published, consultations will be held with the private organization or other institution and KU, and depending on the case, a patent application may be filed in advance of publication.
After a basic agreement on the Comprehensive Collaborative Research Program has been concluded between KU and the private organization or other institution, a Joint Research Department will be established by means of the following procedure.
(1)The private organization or other institution makes an application to KU for establishment of a Joint Research Department.(Click here for the application form word(Japanese Only)WORD)
(2)The department head submits the application to the President after deliberation by the the faculty meeting or body substituting for such.
(3)The President refers the application to the Planning Expert Committee for deliberation.
(4)On the basis of the deliberation result, the President decides whether or not to approve establishment.
(5)An Agreement on Establishment of Joint Research Department is concluded between the private organization or other institution and KU.

Policies and Application Form
  • Kyushu University Joint Research Department Policy PDF(Japanese Only)
  • Application form for Establishment of Joint Research Department WORD(Japanese Only)
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